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Product Description

With the rapid development of the global economy, the economic ties among countries are becoming more and more close, and air cargo transport has naturally become a vital mode of transport in the logistics supply chain which meets customers' strict requirements form time and safety.

Sunshine International Logistics Co., Ltd. maintains good cooperative relations with lots of major airlines in China (CZ\CA\HU\KC\HY\TK\EK\9D\SU, etc.), and customizes air transport programs against your cargo situations. And its service goal is to deliver your cargoes to destinations quickly, safely and punctually.

The main lines of operation cover:

The air transport services between China and Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Outer Mongolia and other countries as well as the Europe, the Southeast Asia, the South America, the North America, Japan and South Korea.

In addition, it provides transit air services of the above countries via China.

Special lines:

CIS / Russia / Eastern Europe / Outer Caucasus


Kazakhstan Airlines / KC Shenzhen (SZX) — ALA / URA / TSE / SCO / GUW / KGF / BAK / SVO1 / PWQ / KSN / KZO / UKK, etc.

Uzbekistan Airlines / HY Shenzhen (SZX) – TAS / MOW / IEV / LED / ASB / BRU / OVB / BAK / SIP / KRR / ROV / SVX / KZN, etc.

China Southern Airlines ?/ CZ Shenzhen (SZX) – ALA / TAS / BRU / OVB / ISB / ASB / GYD / OSS, etc.


Kazakhstan Airlines / KC Shanghai (SHA) – ALA / TSE / ULA / SCO / GUW / KGF / PWQ / KSN / KZO / UKK / CIT / AKX, etc.

Uzbekistan Airlines / HY Shanghai (SHA) – TAS / ASB / FRU / OVB / CEK / KRR / ROV / SVX / KJA / KUF / KZN / TJM, etc.

Menghang Airlines / OM Shenzhen (SZX) / Shanghai (SHA) - ULN


International Air Transport


Services provided:

Scheduled transport, chartered transport and centralized consignment services

Acting customs declaration, customs inspection, acting certificate of origin and acting insurance services at stations in the places of departure

Visiting pick-up services

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